Left Hand Tantra

The Right hand path or Dakshinachara offers safe and relatively effective methods and techniques of spiritual transformation and development. These methods adhere to strict rules and norms which help practitioners to advance in a safe inner environment.

Left Hand Path or Vāmamārga, on the other hand, takes diametrically opposite direction. Its methods and techniques are most effective, direct and quite dangerous. By the grace of the Devi, one ritual can and indeed yield results of maybe 50 years of the Right hand path sadhana.

Tantric Left Hand Path denounces the notion that purity and Light defines closeness to salvation. We embrace the negativity (our own shadow side of the psyche), we ritually consume intoxicants and psychoactive substances - always and only as an offering to our Devi.

We employ body fluids and energies to bring contentment to our Devi by performing advanced sex rituals. We embrace Darkness by working with asuras or "demons" and other powerful spirits that most right hand path practitioners wouldn't even dream of evoking even if they knew such beings existed.

It is said that walking the edge of a sharp razor and riding a wounded tiger is not as potentially dangerous as performing Tantric rituals. I tend to agree with that notion. I have seen even most advanced practitioners fall down and fail, not just for a few moments or months or years, but for several lifetimes.

Tantric Left Hand Path is open to all and yet only few succeed. It takes courage, detachment and complete surrender to the Devi, in my case to Kali Ma.

We are Shakta worshipers and adore feminine aspect of Godhead and we go beyond the opposites of Light & Darkness or Good & Bad.

Om Krim Kali Ma.

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