Asuras & Other Spirits

Jai Sri MaLeft Hand Tantra denies nothing. Nothing.

Embracing the Darkness in all of its aspects and all it encompasses, a Tantric adept works with spirits of Light and Darkness with equanimity, his/her consciousness being fully beyond appearances of Good & Bad or Light & Dark or Purity & Impurity.

My Goddess Kalika has guided me through many advanced Tantra rituals and also through complete Abramelin and Grimorium Verum operations and through parts of Goetia evocations as well.

Elemental spirits or "demons", Asuras, Yakshas, ghouls and other spirits listed in aforementioned and also in various Tantric texts are but servants of my Goddess Kali. They bow down to Her without question.

By the Pure Divine Presence and Virtue, Goddess Kali makes even the lowest Asuras ("demons")  into powerful and beneficial Angels serving Her and the whole of humanity.

On the Blog you can find posts on my encounters with those spirits and similar topics.

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