Jun 26, 2016

Sri Devi Khadgamala Stotram

Sri Devi Khadgamala Stotram is the one mantra, the supreme one in the Sri Vidya tradition (one of the Trantic initiatory paths) and offers number of sacred names of Siddhas, God and Goddess forms, mantras - all under the One Devi, in this case, Sri Sri Tripura Sundari.

It takes you from the outside of Sri Yantra (seen there on the left hand side) into Her inner Reality and if you listen to it on daily bases, with surrender and willingness to advance, change - it may even grant you much more.

"It fulfills all wishes, more than you desire, instantly.
Therein lies its power.
Regular practice protects you, nourishes you and takes you beyond."
- Sri Amritananda

Below I also include open translation of the sacred names and mantras.

May Sri Sri Tripura Sundari Devi guide, bless and protect you, always.

Om Aim Hrim Srim Aim Klim Souh - OM (in the name of God), may you grant us benediction of knowledge, power and grace.

Om Namah Tripura Sundari

Hridayadevi - Compassionate heart

Sirodevi - princely diadem

Sikhadevi - Long flowing hair

Kavacha Devi - protective hands

Netra Devi - graceful look

Astra Devi - protective weapons

Kameswari - Controller of lust

Bhagamalini - Garland of Suns

Nityaklinne - Oozing wet

Bherunde - Terrific

Vahnivasini - Residing in fire

Mahavajreswari - Jewel in lotus

Sivaduti - Llarbinger of joy

Twarite - Speed

Kulasundari - beautiful lotus on a lake

Nitya - Eternal

Nilapatake - Blue flag with red tip

Vijaye - Dominat

Sarvamangale - All auspicious

Jvalamalini - Flames

Chitre - Kaleidoscope

Mahanitye - Eternal Truth

Paramesvara - Goddess of God

Parameswari - Friendly

Mitresamayi - Sexy

Sasthisamayi - Erect

Uddisamayi - Stroking

Charyanathamayi – Happiness

Below given are the Names of the Saints who have worshiped the Divine Mother and thus attained liberation.

Lopamudramayi - Lopamudra - She offered herself for worship

Agastyamayi - Agastya - he drank the water of the oceans, drying them up

Kalatapanamayi - Kalatana - he set time on fire

Dharmacharyamayi - Dharmacharya - he preached the nature of good and evil

Muktakesisvaramayi - Muktakaleisvara - not worrying about his appearace he let the hair flow loose

Dipakalanathamayi - Depakalanada - he gazed on eternal light

Visnudevamayi - Vishnudeva - he expanded himself, took up the whole of space

Prabhakara devamayi - Prabhaharadeva - he became a star called the sun

Tejodevamayi - Tejodeva - he became the light witch was speeding over all space creating space itself

Manojadevamayi - Manojadeva - he was desire

Kalyanadevamayi - Kalyanadeva - he was ever auspicious

Vasudevamayi - Vasudeva - the world grew out of his memory

Ratnadevamayi - Ratnadeva - concentrated like jewels

Sri Ramanandamayi - Sri Ramananda - he enjoyed the Goddess Sri Rama Blissfully

1. Following are the Gods of the nine enclosures of Sri Chakra / the first enclosure.

Anima Siddhe, Laghima Siddhe, Garima Siddhe, Mahima Siddhe, Isitva Siddhe, Vasitva Siddhe, Prakamya Siddhe, Bhukti Siddhe, Iccha Siddhe, Prapti Siddhe, Sarvakama Siddhe, Brahmi, Mahesvari, Koumari, Vaisnavi, Varahi, Mahendri, Chamunde, Mahalaksmi, Sarva Samksobhini, Sarva Vidravini, Sarva karsini, Sarva Vasamkari, Sarvonmadini, Sarva Mahankuse, Sarva Khecari, Sarva Bije, Sarva Yone, Sarva Trikhande. Trilokya mohana chakra swamini Prakata yogini

The passions called : lust, anger, possessiveness, obsession, pride, jealousy, good, and evil. The procedure to control these passions and obtain the powers of: agitating all(Negativities), liquefying all (orgasmic ally), attracting all, controlling all, maddening all, directing all, moving in all space, be the information of all, be the source of all (womb), be tri-fold division of all (the known, the knowing, and the will know). The wheel of the three worlds of waking, dreaming and sleeping, expressing Herself openly without inhibitions.

2. Below are the sixteen attractive powers identified with the sixteen days of the lunar calendar:

According to the Hindu art of love, the erotic zone moves up from feet to head in the bright half of the lunar month and comes down to the dark half of the lunar month; the expression of the love through the various power of the mind described bellow: - the Gods of the second enclosure.

Kamakarshini - Attractive powers of lust

Buddhyakarshini - Attractive powers of discrimination

Ahamkarakarshini - Attractive powers of ego

Sabdhakarshini - Attractive powers of sound

Sparsakarshini - Attractive powers of touch

Rupakarhsini - Attractive powers of form

Rasakarshini - Attractive powers of taste

Gandhakarshini - Attractive powers of odor

Chittakarshini - Attractive powers of mind

Dharyakarshini - Attractive powers of valor

Smrityikarshini - Attractive powers of memory

Namakarshini - Attractive powers of name

Bijakarshini - Attractive powers of semen

Atmakarshini - Attractive powers of self

Amrtakarshini - Attractive powers of immortality

Sarirakarshini - Attractive powers of morality

Sarvasa paripuraka chakra swamini Gupta Yogini - The wheel which fulfills all directions and all desires, the secret Yogini.

3. Following are the eight forms of erotic sentiments: - the third enclosure.

Ananga Kusume - The sentiment of flowering

Ananga Mekhale - The sentiment of girdling

Ananga Madane - The sentiment of love

Ananga Madananture - The sentiment of lust

Ananga Redhe - The sentiment of outlining

Ananga Vegini - The sentiment of the desire of sex

Ananga Kusume - The sentiment of the insistence on sex

Ananga Malini - The sentiment of orgy

Sarva sanksoghana sadhaka chakra swamini Gupta tara Yogini - The wheel that agitates everyone, the esoteric yogini.

4. Follow the descriptions of the fourteen worlds of the fourth enclosure.

Sarva Samksobhini - Agitating all

Sarva Vidravini - Liquefying all

Sarva Karshini - Attracting all

Sarva Hladini - Pleasing all

Sarva Sammohini - Deluding all

Sarva Stambhini - Obstructing all

Sarva Jrumbhini - Expanding all

Sarva Vasamkari - Controlling all

Sarva Ranjani - Enjoying all

Sarvonmadini - Maddening all

Sarvarthasadhini - all prosperous

Sarva Sampattipurani - All full filling riches

Sarva Mantra Mayi - All mantras

Sarva Dvandva Ksayamkari - Eliminating all dualities

Sarva Soubhagya Dayaka Cakra Swamini

Sampradaya Yogini - The wheel of all kinds of union, traditional Yogini.

5. Follow the Gods of the fifth Chakra.

Sarva Siddhiprade - Giver of all achievements

Sarva Sampatprade - Giver of all wealth

Sarva Priyamkari - Giver of all that one like to have

Sarva Mangalakarini - Harbinger of all auspiciousness

Sarva Kamaprade - Fulfiller of all desires

Sarva Duhkha Vimochani - Eliminator of all misery

Sarva Mrityu Prasamani - Eliminator of all accidental deaths

Sarva Vighna Nivarini - Eliminator of all obstacles

Sarvanga Sundari - Beautiful in every part of Her body

Sarva Soubhagya Dayini Sarvartha Sadhaka Chakra Swamini Kulottirna Yogini - The wheel which turns you on to the right path, gives you all wealth, full fills all desirers, and makes liberation possible, the Yogini that has graduated out if all classifications.

6. Follow the Gods of the sixth Enclosure.

Sarvaghne - Omniscient

Sarva Sakte - Omnipotent

Sarvaisvarya pradayini - Omni expressive

Sarva Jnanamayi - Providing the bliss of omniscience

Sarva Vyadhivinasini - Eliminating all maladies
Sarvadharasvarupe - The support of all

Sarva Papahare - The eliminator of notions of all sins.

Sarva Anandamayi - All happiness

Sarva Raksa Swaroopini - All protecting

Sarvepsita Phalaprade - Provider of all desired fruits (Boons).

Sarva Raksakara Chakra Swamini, Nigarbha Yogini - The wheel of all protection, the Yogini protecting the child in the womb.

7. Following are the eight forms of Saraswati, Goddess of knowledge, Gods of the seventh Enclosure:

Vasini - Existing

Kameshwari - Expression

Modini - Pleasure

Vimale - Pure

Arune - Passion

Jayini - Victory

Sarvesvari - Owner

Kaulini - Enjoying all

Sarvarogahara Chakra Swamini Rahasya Yogini - The wheel which eliminates disease, the secret Yogini.

8. Follow are the powerful weapons of the Divine Mother

Baanini - The five flowered arrows of Manmatha (God of love, Kaamdev) representing the five senses of sound (music), touch (feel ), form (beauty), taste (sweetness), smell (fragrance).

Chapini - The sugar cane bow (the mind which likes sweet things of life).

Pasini - The attractive power of love.

Ankusini - The repulsive power to controling evil.

Maha Kameshwari - The thrust of God expressing the desire to see Himself in many forms

Maha Vajreshwari - The ability to obtain the cosmos in seed form

Maha Bhagamalini - The ability to express the cosmos out of the seed

Sarva Siddhiprada Chakra Swamini Ati Rahasya Yogini - The wheel of realizations, the most secret Yogini.

9.1 Follow is the central hub of the wheel of Sri Devi, the Supreme Goddess: - in ninth enclosure.

Sri Sri Maha Bhattarike, Sarvananda Maya Chakra Swamini
Paratpara Rahasya Yogini - The Goddess Sri Devi is present in the whole cosmos. The wheel of all bliss, the transcendental secret Yogini.

9.2 Follow are the nine Goddesses controlling the nine wheels above.

Tripure - Three states of Waking, Dreaming and Sleeping.

Tripureshi - The controller of these three states

Tripurasundari - The beautiful one among all these three states

Tripura Vasini - The one who lives in all these three states

Tripura Sriyah - The riches of all these three states

Tripuramalini - The sequences of all these states experienced by all people

Tripura Siddhe - The achievements possible in all these three states

Tripurambe - The experience of the cosmos in Her three states unifying all the experiences of all life

Maha Maheswari - The great cosmic controller

Maha Maha Raghni - The great cosmic empress

Maha Maha Shakte - The great cosmic power

Maha Maha Gupte - The great cosmic secret

Maha Maha Jnapte - The great cosmic memory

Maha Mahannande - The great cosmic bliss

Maha Maha Skandhe - The great cosmic support

Maha Mahasaye - The great cosmic expression

Maha Maha Sri Chakra Nagara Samraghni - The great transcendental conscious empress of the wheel of Sri Chakra.

Namaste Namaste Namaste Namah - We bow to You, we bow to You, We bow to You in the three states of waking, dreaming, and sleeping states O Divine Mother!

Reference from: www.songsnmnp.blogspot.com, www.srividya.org, www.mantra.lilasakura.com


Anonymous said...

Nice, but this doesn't seem to have anything to do with Kali. Am I missing something.
"Ananga Malini - The sentiment of orgy"---hello, is this a deity?

Kali Tantra said...

Anon, thank you for your comment.

Well, Sri Lalia or Tripura Sundari Devi, the Goddess of the Stotram above, is a form of Kali Ma or vice versa.

There is one Shakti, Adya Shakti who manifested as 10 Mahavidyas, Kali Ma and Lalita included.

Om klim kali

Michael B. said...

Dear "Kali Tantra" !

It's Michael, we talked (wrote) some time ago...
maybe you do remember me....

Do not forget that Sri Lalitha Tripursundari
is also called the "Red Goddess", so do especially red coloured offerings.
One of the best things to offer
is "Kesar" (Saffron). It is expensive, but your wishes
get fulfilled very fast. Especially things connected
with "Space". F.e if you want to receive and/or send
a parcel or letter extremely fast, or to suddenly
get a "membership-rabate" in a shop, you visit for the
very first time.....e.t.c

I have only done it with smaller wishes till now, but
i am very sure that it works also with bigger things.

Thank you very much for your precious time !