Oct 14, 2015

No need for initiation or diksha

When presenting Tantric teachings or talking about Goddess Kali, I often hear questions like:
"OK, all that sounds just great, but how can I learn Tantra?", and:
"I know no Tantric Master, so how can I advance spiritually with the help of Mother Kali?", or:
"If we need initiation into Kali sadhana, how on Earth are those who are living here in the West ever gonna get initiated?"

Well, in this blog I will address these questions, especially the last one.

Diksha or initiation is indeed an ancient ritual, predating modern era by thousands of years. Diksha is manifold action or situation and is absolutely necessary for certain aspects of Tantric (or other) teachings. In Diksha one receives empowerment from a competent, accomplished and self realized Master. A Master passes on a blessing to a new initiate and thus adds yet one more soul to an unbroken line of Tantric Masters which originates in celestial realms.

Diksha usually involves hearing the initiating mantra along with relevant instructions. Mantra is of course powerful powerful tool (for the lack of a better word) and enables one to swiftly attain the lotus feet of the Goddess of the mantra.

And herein lies one of many problems regarding Diksha or mantra initiation: you simply have to receive the mantra from someone who has already attained that exact Mantra Siddhi (for more info on the subject of Mantra Siddhi please refer to the blog here >> ).

There are also other "complications" involved. The new initiate has to go through preparations, preliminary practices and all sorts of other important things before receiving Diksha. Tantric Goddesses, the ten Mahavidyas, do not allow their grace to flow so easily just to anyone, without any consideration for readiness.

And yet, there is an exempt. There is one Tantric Goddess who readily offers a boon that is free from any obligation or liability imposed by other Goddesses.

Yes, that Goddess is Kali. She is the most powerful among all ten Mahavidyas and also the most merciful one. I have written long and wide about Her mercy on this Blog.

There are many many Kali mantras, depending which aspect of the Great Mother Goddess one approaches. For example, I was initiated long time ago into Kali Tantra by receiving the Kali mantra which connects me with the Adya Shakti, the First One, the Supreme Primordial Goddess, the Source of everything. There are other aspects of Adya Shakti, of course.

And yet, there is one mantra, practice of which requires NO initiation, no preliminary complications and no preparations. This mantra you do not need to be initiated into!

Consider this: how many years, decades or maybe even lifetimes have many of us wandered aimlessly in darkness before we were ready to receive the initiation into Mantra!

And at the same time, there has always been one mantra, THE mantra available to anyone who cares to repeat it.

So, no need for initiation, no need for a (rarely available and even more rarely attainable) Tantric Master. No need for initiation, and no need for anything else most of Tantric initiates have to go through.

What a mercy! Such compassion!

There is a text, a sacred text, dealing with all sorts of mantras, Tantric mantras included, called "The Mantramahodadhi of Mahidhara" where the mantra I am speaking about is presented. There must be thousands of mantras in that sacred text and only one is readily available to anyone.

Page 48, 3rd Taranga states, verse 2-5:
"There is no necessity for the purification by means of Siddha or Sadhya procedures. Nor is there necessity of taxing the mind too much or performing the Purascarana (initiatory rites). This is the queen of Mantras. By merely  remembering this one gets the eight Supernatural powers."

Here is the Queen of all Mantras:

krim krim krim hum hum hrim hrim daksine kalika
krim krim krim hum hum hrim hrim swaha

Goddess Kali has invested ALL of Her powers, ALL of Her wisdom and ALL of Her Love into this one mantra.

Let this mantra be the bridge over the troubled waters of this material existence and may the Adya Shakti, Kali Ma, blesses you. Always.



Michael B. said...

Dear Seraph !

(I know you a bit from the studio arcanis forum too)
A really interesting and well made blog !
I worship Goddess Lalitha Tripura Sundari (Sri Chakra)
(via her Beej Mantra)

Well, I am a very "low level" Devotee at the moment...
i am still learning a lot.

I would like to ask you 1 or 2 questions...
if you do not mind.

Could you contact me at the following address:

Thank you very much for your very precious time !

Michael B.

Kali Tantra said...

Hey there, email sent.
Tnx for reading my Blog :)

Kali Tantra said...

Important and relevant questions (tnx Mike!):

What do you think would happen if i would recite this Mantra ?
Don't you think that there could be negative side effects or something like that ?

Well, Kali Ma is indeed a very strong and fierce Being but She reciprocates your attitude, you see. So no, nothing negative
would come out of your Kali mantra sadhana.
If one worships Her with respect, surrender and gentleness and sees Her as a Mother, She will take care of you as a
perfect Mother.
She might help you get rid off certain dysfunctional things in your psyche, and that can be rather painful at times (if you cling to
old and useless stuff in your existence) but it is always worth the while. When old and useless things are transformed (which Kali Ma
is very effective at), it may hurt and it sometimes seems that negative things are happening, but it is only a process, a transformation.
So, I invite you to set your goal high and pray to Kali ma (or Lalita) and repeat the mantra, yes.

GBS said...

Plz pray for me

Kali Tantra said...

GBS, may the Devi look gracefully upon you.

om krim kali

Jotun Folk said...

Dear Seraph,

By some kind of internal intuition, I found myself landing on your blog today.

Interestingly enough I had experiences with Lord Shiva as in his traditional Hindu youthful form and in his Mahakala aspect from a very particular Tibetan lineage.

I also love King Paimon I sincerely do - but I had a rather negative experience from an other Goetic in the past and I then stopped all contact.

Would want to share with you my experiences in private via email and/or skype and maybe also seek your council as I love your blog and your approach resonates deeply with me and see this as an opportunity to recommence where I stopped before with proper guidance this time though. My email is jotunath@gmail.com and my skype is jotun.aether

Hoping to hear from you - know that you are a very wise person indeed and reading your blog was a blessing on its own right.

Best regards,


Alden Smith said...

Where did u get initiated into Adya Kali in india ?
Can u initiate me into Adya Kali ?
I want to get help from you....

my id : helloaldensmith@gmail.com

Kali Tantra said...

I initiate only upon inspiration. Thus far that happened only once.

You might want to travel to India, yes.

All good to you and thank you for visiting my Blog


Kali Tantra said...

Jotun hi,
email me using the contact form bellow.

Thank you.


Himam Chakraborty said...

I was searching in the google about initiation and all websites had the same information that without initiation Sadhna should never be practiced. At last I went through your site and felt happy.

Well for me Kali Maa is my mother, my friend and my teacher. Its from my childhood that when I see her image I feel drawn towards her and a feeling of mother instantly comes to my heart which makes me happy. I feel everything is her blessing to me. I have experienced her but have never seen her.

Please give me your advice and your blessings. Thank you.

Please give me your blessings

Kali Tantra said...

Namaste Himam,

thank you for visiting my blog.

It is not really needed to see Her, the important thing is our surrender and love for Her, in my opinion.

I have met an advanced devotee of Kali Ma, who has not seen Her either, in all his 40+ years of daily meditation. He hasnt seen Her, and yet She has blessed him with many many wonderful mundane and spiritual things.

If you want to see Her, have Her darshan in person, pray to Her, use Her mantra.

May she bless you.

om klim kali


Sidharth said...

Hi, Is it possible to contact you privately by mail regarding Kali Maa.
Thank you.

Kali Tantra said...

Sidharth hello,
by all means, you are welcome to use the contact form there on the right hand side, scroll down pls.

om krim kali


Sidharth said...

I just sent you an email.Thank you.

Shiv said...

Namaste. Awesome and inspiring writings. Thank you. Pranams. Shiv

Shiv said...

Namaste. I came across your blog by a divine inspiration after reading durga saptashati today. Am truly blessed to have come across your intelligent and reseached and devotional writings. Maa shakti is everything to me. My first glimpse of her was at kalipuja during diwali in 2007. It further strengthened when by her grace visited tarapith and kalighat. Is it possible for me to contact you via mail or could you mail me at shivsripathi20@gmail.com. my humble pranams to you sir. Jai maa.

Anuradha Sen Mookerjee said...

Thank you Seraph for this blogpost. I have been blessed with the mantra and the presence of the Mother Goddess in my daily life. It all started after I read this post. Surely She reaches out through you.
May you be blessed!

Kali Ma said...

Where can I find the book you quoted, 3rd Taranga States?

Kali Tantra said...



Om Krim Kali

Acubenz said...

Should the word 'hum' be pronounced as हुं (with short u) or हूं (with long u)? Also, is it kalika or kalike in the mantra? I found most other sites that wrote kalike.

Kali Tantra said...

Namaste Acubenz,
it is short "u".

As for "Kalika/e", I will have to check the scriptures.
Will post here when I get the info.


Om krim Kali