Sep 23, 2015

Kālī, what do you want for me?

“I know what she wants for me,
Even before I speak the words.
I can taste it,
I know her whisper ever present at the back of my mind.
Kali, what do you want for me?
I tremble knowing what is coming.
Open, she says. Open. Open. Open. Open.
She doesn’t say what
And I know only by opening all
Will I appease her
Like a drumbeat she repeats it
Hitting me like waves against a rocky shore
Pounding against me
Her mission to penetrate the layers
Break down all the walls.
Oh, Kali, what do you want for me?
Open. Open. Open. Open.
Tears at the power of one word
To undo me completely.
I give myself over
And she smiles.”

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