Aug 12, 2015

Mantra Siddhi

There is a lot of confusion about the attainment of the so called Mantra Siddhi and in this blog I would like to share my thoughts on the subject (based on empirical knowledge).

Mantra Siddhi is the one attainment that may take lifetimes. According to Tantric tradition one has to be properly initiated into a Mantra of suitable aspect of Divinity or Goddess (Tantra is a Shakta path, meaning that we honor all Gods and yet take refuge in Shakti alone) . For that end, one needs a mercy of an accomplished Tantric Master, of course. Online distant learning or reading a book or a blog will not do.

Once an aspirant is initiated into a Mantra, s/he begins with a prescribed and specific sadhana or spiritual practice which slowly (or quite quickly and directly, depending on the rituals the Tantric Master teaches) makes the attainment possible.

As I already mentioned, it is my observation that there is a lot of confusion floating around on the internet in various circles on the subject. I might be mistaken but I equate attaining Mantra Siddhi of a Goddess with attainment of Knowledge and Conversation of Holy Guardian Angel in Western Hermetic paths...

...anyway, the attainment I am speaking about is completely transpersonal or non-material and non-elemental in nature and is in fact the one result of a loooooong process of spiritual emancipation.

I am speaking about direct, deep and life changing process (not only one event) that unfolds in the whole life (or lives) of an adept in due time. It is a process that slowly but surely disarms the army of the lower nature (speculation, fear, aversion, craving, anger, dysfunctional mental believes, mental structures, passion, happiness etc…) and gives way to deeper and more stable awareness of the transpersonal nature, shifting the whole base of living from personal (that is energy, mental or emotional polarization), up to the transpersonal one. Needless to say that such an attainment completely changes ones perception of oneself, others and life.

There are other processes of course and different paths and attainments, but as far as a Mantra Siddhi is concerned, the above notions are empirical knowledge clothed in words.

Tantric master, Vimalananda Aghori shares a story in his book "At the left hand of God" that paints the picture rather clearly:

A bystander witnessed an illustrious Shava Puja (performing Tantric rites on a dead body) during which a tiger killed practicing Aghori. This bystander overheard the mantra Aghori was repeating and he gave it a shot. In no time the Devi appeared and offered him a boon.

He asked Her how is it possible to attain Her so quickly and easily and She showed him that he has been an Aghori in ten of his previous lives and each life he practiced Aghori Tantra and only in this life he was advanced enough to attain Her Mantra Siddhi.

She then said: "Ask me for something".
The Devi always stages a play so that She is able to give something to Her devotees.

And the guy said: "Ma, all that I desire is that you should keep me forever in Your sweet gaze."
By the way, that was a rather wise request. Anything less is a waste of attention of a Devi, in my opinion and experiences. Only a fool would ask a CEO of a cosmic corporation for some money or a new car or a little sex with some young damsel.

Aghori Vimalananda goes on to share:

"...And thus he obtained Siddhi. Not Kaya Siddhi, which is immortality, or Maya Siddhi, which is control over the mundane world. When you have one of these, of course, you have the other as well. No, I mean the Siddhi of having Ma with him 24 hrs a day. Ma took possession of him. Not his body, because if she had come for his body he would have become immortal. She possessed his mind, She plugged him into the Universal Computer so that he was able to get answers to any question and could continuously play about with Her..."

Aghori Vimalananda goes on to share his own experiences with his Devi, Mahavidya Tara (how She made him clairvoyant, taught him to travel in his subtle body, heal people through him etc...). I invite you to read the whole book, if you are interested in authentic teachings of a true Aghori.

So, attaining a Siddhi of a Goddess or Mantra Siddhi bestows upon the practitioner really a lot. I don't know if in other traditions such or similar attainment offers similar boons, but the fact remains: attainment of the Mantra Siddhi is very very important attainment and is bestowed upon the aspirant as a causeless mercy.

A Goddess actually assumes total responsibility for the chosen aspirant and that is utterly serious. Of course, the aspirant may, from his perspective, mess up things and make mistakes, but in the end it is Her will that acts upon the aspirant, always. It is Her play, Her Lila.

A Goddess like Kali or any other Mahavidya is equaled with Parabrahman (God, for the lack of a better word) in Tantric and Vedic sacred texts, meaning that She is completely and totally beyond space-time continuum. That means that She controls everything. Everything.

Isn't it then worth while to dedicate one's time and energy to attain a Mantra Siddhi?

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