Jul 24, 2015

Who are aghoris and why they worship Goddess Kali?

Though this is a dark and controversial aspect of Mother KALI, as her children we need to get to know this face of HER too.

Aghoris and other Tantrik cults worship Goddess Kali as the main deity along with Lord Shiva. Almost all the Tantrik cults in India refer to their presiding deity as the 'The Mother' by which they mean Goddess Kali.

Kali represents the wild and the crude embodiment of Shakti or the primitive energy present in all of us. Worship of Goddess Kali and Lord Shiva demands a lot of unconventional practices. Kali is representative of the Cosmic Power and of the totality of the universe. She is the destroyer who makes way for creation and is therefore seen as harmonising all pairs of opposites.

Aghoris believe that nothing in this world is impure. Everything comes out of Shiva and His female manifestation, Kali and goes back into them. Therefore, everything existing in the world is pure. Goddess Kali manifests an amazing display of power and might, shattering all stereotypes of women as only feminine. As a divine warrior, She fights equally beside men and defeats them in battle. She is the destroyer of 'Kal' or time which actually means She is beyond the concept of material time.

Aghoris worship Shiva or Mahakala - the destroyer, or its female manifestation: Shakti or Kali, the goddess of death. Meat, alcohol and sex are three things that are banned for other sadhus. But for Aghoris the world is practically different. To eat meat actually means to eat everything. To have no limits, because all is one. By eating anything, Aghoris try to gain awareness of the oneness of everything and eliminate discrimination.

Therefore they consume feces, human fluids and human flesh. There is also a practice of having sex with the corpses prevalent among a few Aghoris. They also drink alcohol and offer it during their puja to the deities.Thus, the Aghoris strive towards extreme Kali Sadhana to realise the Absolute Divine Being.

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Om Krim Kali

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