Apr 19, 2015

The glory of Kālī sādhana

"Amongst thousands of sādhakas and tens of millions of worshipers, fortunate are they who do Kālī sādhana.

Kālī is the Mother of the Universe and of all shastra, quite certainly. Remembering Kālī frees one from the fetters of a paśu.

After reciting Kālī's great mantra, one becomes Kālī's son, there is no doubt. This is true, true, true, true without question.

Just as for Kālī, so also for the vidyas and rules of Tripurā, Shodashi, Bhuvaneshvari, China-Tara, Mahalakshmi, Matangi, Sundari, Bhairavi, Dakshina and Tarini."
- Yoni Tantra

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