Nov 3, 2014

There is none else besides Him

I have been involved with this particular group of Kabbalists since 2011 now, taking their free courses online, learning a great deal in the process.
Their web site is

I distinguish the mystical Qabalah from the, lets say, authentic Kabbalah. And in this post I will focus on the latter one.

Suiting my level of Understanding, the mystical Qabalah gave me a lot, but it was or is the "authentic" tradition that helped me the most. I was guided to it by my spirits and I am grateful for it.

For me, the text "There is none else besides Him" (you can find it here >>) is now more relevant then ever.

I could go on and on about the implications of the message in the text, but I will let the videos bellow speak for themselves.

In the series of the "Kabbalah revealed", there are two parts, and I invite you to watch and then re-watch them both for many many many many many many many many times.

Here we go, part one:

Part two:

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