Nov 7, 2014

Attaining Ishta Deva and HGA?

In this blog post I want to share my observations about the attaining what is in Tantirc tradition called Ishata Deva or attaining Mantra Siddhi (of the one, the only one Deity and Her or His siddhi) and in Western hermetic tradition attaining the Knowledge & Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel (K&C of the HGA).

I want to address the specific elements of such attainment and some very important moments in the sadhana of an aspirant that may make a huge difference in the process of attainment.

Therefore, I shall avoid rambling on and on about the history and theory behind the Ishta Deva or K&C of the HGA concepts. A lot of other texts have been dedicated to that, no need to repeat it here. I will also refrain from conveying my thoughts through complicated symbolism as there is no need for that either. No more secrets. :)

It is my observation that many sincere and dedicated individuals I have met personally are simply wasting time and energy with things and rituals that are never ever gonna produce attainment of  Ishata Deva or K&C of the HGA. That is the main reason for writing about this rather important topic, hearing and following the inspiration of my own Ishta Devi, the Mahavidya Kali.

Setting the scene

First off,  attainment of Ishata Deva or K&C of the HGA in this context means conscious, real, deep and utterly intimate and clear awareness of the contact with the transpersonal (meaning transcendental, non-material and non-elemental) being, that is separate from the aspirant and is not her higher self or the soul or atma or monada or star etc...

So, we can write an occasional looking in the mirror and seeing the HGA right off.

The K&C of HGA in this context therefore means complete non-material and trans-personal state of consciousness where adept leaves behind all of his/her mundane and relative personal (material) identifications and fully embraces 'new' and eternal Identity through 'melting' his/her innermost being with the HGA in intimate exchange of Love.

Individuality is inherently present in every single unit of consciousness and each identity is eternal. Maybe qualitatively speaking we are all one with all the Gods and Goddesses, but at the identity level we are separate. Every man and every woman is a star. So the Ishata Deva or HGA is different from the aspirant at all levels of existence. And that's a very good thing, for it allows a love exchange, among other things.

Wasted years?

I have a dear friend whom I have known right from the childhood. He is a good friend and I respect him but on the other hand, for me, he is a fool (and I usually tell him as much, maybe not in those exact words). He is spending all of his time learning scriptures by heart, performing various elemental, zodiac and other rituals, happily (and probably unaware) avoiding facing deeper reality in both his personal and magickal / mystical life. And this has been going on for decades now. LOL

Of course, he is, like many others I assume, only following the prescribed curriculum of sadhana, never questioning its true face value I guess. So much for "doing thou wilt".

And when it comes to the attainment of Ishata Deva or K&C of the HGA there are important things to consider, in my experiences.

The level which Ishata Deva or HGA dwells on is NOT material or elemental. Ishata Deva or HGA is fully transpersonal being, living and breathing in different reality from ours. And if we are to make a contact with Him/Her, we ought to play by His/Her rules, not by material or elemental or zodiac ones.

So, my point is that executing planetary, elemental or zodiac rituals with the hope of attaining Ishata Deva or K&C of the HGA is a waste of time.

One has to raise his awareness ABOVE the planetary, elemental and zodiac levels, for the transpersonal being dwells therein not. How?

What are you focusing on?

This is very important, I feel: investing energy into material, elemental or zodiac rituals may be an obstacle in itself. Our focus determines our reality and focusing on those non-transpersonal levels is really not so efficient a strategy. Such rituals and practice might change planetary, elemental and zodiac parts of awareness of the individual BUT they will NOT help in attaining the Ishata Deva or K&C of the HGA.

Ben Sandler (IAO131 is his nickname) shares the same notion:
"Initiation cannot be bestowed from others through words, symbols, rituals, or in any other way."

By studying the Buddhist (or Thelema or any other, for that matter) scriptures one may become a PhD in Buddhist literature (a very learned individual by all known standards) but it will not produce a Buddha, the Awakened One.
You don't have to earn a PhD in any tradition to attain permanent and truly transpersonal experiences. Quite the opposite. The less intellectual knowledge one possesses, the better. The more one is attached to the material, elemental and zodiac stuff, the harder the advancement.

I think it was Crowley who said that attaining K&C of the HGA is the single most important thing in the life of a person. I agree.
So whats the point in focusing on anything else, really?

Think about it, maybe even realize it:
the level from which we perceive a problem or a challenge can never be efficiently used to bring forth the solution to that problem / challenge.
So, we can never ever attain something that is beyond our current level of awareness by employing this exact same level of awareness and tools therein.

Granted, the rituals and various methods may help in the process of attaining Ishata Deva or K&C of the HGA, but they WILL NOT produce the attainment itself.
Nothing can.

The attainment of Ishata Deva or K&C of the HGA is a process which is totally beyond our control. It is quite the same story with the intimacy, isn't it. Can you force an orgasm? Can you make it happen using only your effort, your will, right now?

No amount of rituals and any other deeds can ever directly produce such attainment, simply because the attainment of the Ishata Deva or K&C of the HGA is transpersonal in nature.

The Being one is trying to attain is beyond elemental, planetary, zodiac spheres of awareness. It is completely and totally transcendental. It is trans-personal, above personal.

And that being the case, the Being that is perfect by itself needs nothing from an aspirant.

The attainment of the Ishta Devi siddhi in Tantra and K&C of the HGA in hermetic traditions IS the result of the unconditional mercy. It is a gift, and it is a huge gift, actually. You can not make it happen, it is impossible to force it. It is the gift of intimate Love.

What then?

So, what to do?
Whatever you want, whatever you like :)

My unsolicited advice, however, is this:

1. Realize first that your efforts alone will produce no real attainment of the Ishata Deva Siddhi or K&C of the HGA.

Admit to yourself that you are not at all capable of attaining the Ishata Deva or K&C of the HGA on your own.
Admit that you actually need help from Above, from the Being you are seeking contact with.

Loosen up your grip upon the material, elemental and zodiac rituals, let them go. Tune down your (material) efforts a bit.

Depend only on the Being you are seeking Union with. Open up, surrender to Him/Her. Forget the darn material rituals and literal knowledge. Intellect cant really help you here.

2. Having done the above,
now try to notice that there is a need present in you. There is a sort of lacking present in your heart of hearts.

There is a quality present in all of us, some sort of longing, a yearning. Become aware of it. Now, today.

Also, try do understand that everything that has been happening in your life (after you have decided to embark on this mystical/magickal path, and even before that) is just a way of your Ishata Deva or HGA trying to bring you closer to Him/Her. So do trust in Him/Her.

This is crucial:
now open up, and set your inner orientation, your intention to get closer to your Ishata Deva or HGA. Open your heart and reach out NOT by action, but by intention.

Reach out ONLY for the Light, only for Him/Her. Pray to Him/Her to open your eyes, your heart and bring you closer. Surrender as much as your current state allows you.

Do this frequently.
Realize that everything that is happening in your world is controlled by your Ishta Deva or HGA. Link every thought you have, every emotion you feel, every event that occurs in your life to your Ishata Deva or HGA.
And inflame yourself in setting the intention, inner yearning ONLY for Ishata Deva or HGA, ONLY for the Light.

Do that, and in no time you shall be brought into direct contact with your Ishata Deva or HGA. Even combining above steps with your current practice will yield fast and lasting results.

Intimacy is the key here. Surrender and opening up to the intimate relationship or love affair with your Ishata Deva or HGA is the key.
And that is a gift. It is the one result of a causeless mercy.

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Durgabhakta said...

Thank you for maintaining this wonderful blog, it has been very helpful and encouraging for me to read.

I am a devotee of Durga Mata, and I have been trying bring myself into this state of surrender you are writing about. My issue is duality vs non-duality, which you have also written about. I am being taught that my own Self is Durga, but it is difficult to remove the "I" sense and it also confuses me. I agree that everything is Shiva and Shakti, but I also don't think I believe there is no Self other than Shakti.

This is extremely difficult to wrap my head around and you have written a little bit about duality in this article so would be interested to know your thoughts. Thank you! Om Kreem Kalikaye Namah.

Kali Tantra said...

Durgabhakta namaste,

thank you for your comment and question.

Well, according to Kali Tantra, it is She that is sleeping in the base of the spine, as dormant creative energy.

It is She that is always wanting to get (re)united with Shiva at the crown, at the top of the head.

There is no question of separate entity called ego.

When you think of it, it makes sense:
if Absolute truth, God/Goddess really exists, than It/She/He is already Absolute, yes? It/He/She will not become Absolute in some dim future otherwise we can not speak of the Absolute at all.

So, following this line of thought to the very end, it stands to logic that She is already present, right here, right now.

Most aspirants have hard time accepting this fact, for Her maya (that which is not) is very strong.

Most aspirants are under impression of the ahamkara, the "I and mine" concept in mind and cannot fathom even the possibility that She is already here, right now, for they imagine that She or Absolute truth is to be found someplace else, at some distant time.

Well, no, this is not the case. Absolute truth, in our case Kali Ma, is already here, and it is She that drives your life, and it is She that is what we have come to call ego.

I invite you to surrender more, let go, invoke Her and see that She has always been there, and always will be.

Hows that sound, please?

Thank you for reading my Blog.

Om Klim Kali

Durgabhakta said...


I just saw your reply now! Please forgive the lateness of my response. (Also, I am so happy to see that you posted the Devi Khadgamala, as I have been initiated into the worship of Maha Tripura Sundari through Shri makes me very happy to see that stotram posted as I recite it everyday!)

I have been sitting here and trying to absorb what you have said. I can tell what you're saying is true, but it is definitely hard to accept (like you said, Her maya is very strong!) I love what you have written though.

I feel sure the Mother guided me to your blog. I have been having a crisis of faith in Her love for a while now, and I kept asking Her to help me love Her. Then I found your blog :)

Kali Tantra said...


thank you for your reply.

Yes, sometimes She likes to play with Her initiates and takes some faith away from their hearts only to invoke even greater yearning and desire for Her.

It is the hunger, the eagerness, the intention that does the trick. Be more hungry for Her, for the Light, be more eager for Her company - that is the fast route.

My suggestions, of course :)

om krim kali


Durgabhakta said...

Thank you - that has made me feel a lot better and less frustrated.

Thank you also for this are probably helping more people than just me! _/\_

Kali Tantra said...

may Lalita Devi be merciful to you.


Jai Sri Ma

BarrenSavant said...

This is a topic I have been curious about.
There are so many contradictions about the HGA when you hear it from various sources. You say that it is NOT our higher Self or Atman, yet Regardie in the Tree of Life calls the HGA our higher Self or genius. Ramana Maharshi never spoke of a transcendental entity separate from us, but rather stated that there was but one transcendental Self and it ultimately could be reached through self inquiry with ritual, mantra, etc. as a secondary aid for focus.
To my knowledge, there is not a reference of a HGA outside of Western Magic. Really, is there even a necessity to seek out the Holy Guardian Angel by that name? Could someone who had never heard of the HGA achieve Union with it anyways? Is this what Ramana speaks of?

It seems to me that what you describe, aside from being an individual entity, is like the Supreme Brahman that our Atman can achieve union with.

What you say:
"The K&C of HGA in this context therefore means complete non-material and trans-personal state of consciousness where adept leaves behind all of his/her mundane and relative personal (material) identifications and fully embraces 'new' and eternal Identity through 'melting' his/her innermost being with the HGA in intimate exchange of Love."

From Wikipedia:
"In order to attain liberation, a human being must acquire self-knowledge (atma jnana), which is to realize that one's true self (Ātman) is identical with the transcendent self Brahman."

Are these two concepts one in the same, Realization and K&C?

Overall, I think all these labels and definitions create more of a mess, especially when referencing from different traditions.