Feb 4, 2014

Who is Aghori?

On these pages you will oftentimes encounter words like Aghori and Aghora. In the past, I was avid practitioner of the sublime and extreme Tantra path called Aghora. Rituals I have performed back then still yield the results and the blood of the Aghoris still flows through my veins.

"Ghora is darkness, the darkness of ignorance. Aghora means light, the absence of darkness. Under the Tree of Knowledge is an Aghori, a follower of the path of Aghora. He has gone beyond ignorance thanks to the flame of Knowledge which billows from the funeral pyre.
The funeral pyre is the ultimate reality, a continual reminder that everyone has to die. Knowledge of the ultimate reality of death taken the Aghori beyond the Eight Snares of Existence: Lust, anger, greed, delusion, envy, shame, disgust and fear which bind all beings.
The Aghori plays with a human skull, astonished by the uselessness of limited existence, knowing the whole world to be within him though he is not in the world. His spiritual practices have awakened within him the power of kundalini, which takes the form of goddess dancing on the funeral pyre: Samshan Tara. He is bewildered to think that all is within him, not external to him; that he sees it not with the physical eyes but with the sense of perception.
The flame of knowledge is that which preserves life, the eternal flame, the supreme ego, the motherhood of god which creates the whole Maya of the universe and thanks only to whose grace the Aghori has become immortal..."
- from FB community Aghora - the real path to immortality )

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