Feb 10, 2014

When Kali comes to call

I share here a text written by Robert E. Svoboda, a student of Aghori Tantra on the topic of his relationship with Mother Kali:

"A curious Kali surveys me as I write these words. She reached me recently, unbidden, a gift from a friend whose friend was ordered by his guru to divest himself of all his icons. The sticker beneath Her crimson feet proudly proclaims that She was "hand moulded and fired in India from Ganges River clay." Those transfiguring hands adeptly crowned and braceleted Her with gold, costuming Her chastely in a golden skirt spangled with red devices, bosoms secured behind a modest bodice.

But no human hand can housebreak Kali entirely. Out from that tame blouse surge four black arms, two of which grip a sharp cutlass and a severed human head. A garland of heads festoons Her neck, a wide-awake third eye gazes from Her forehead. Her boldly lolling sanguine-hued tongue testifies most eloquently to a wild nature that knows no regulation but its own.

Whatever Her unfathomable purpose, it seems now to please Kali to materialize Herself in the West. Yet to be resolved is how well Her hosts here will realize Whom it is that has descended upon them as their guest. It is easy in the modern world to mistake the external image for its internal substance, particularly when that image is exotic and power-laden, for devis (goddesses) do not appear in the average Westerner's lexicon. A Calcutta woman once told a Canadian visitor, "Devi is the Sanskrit root of your English word divine, and you still use it today for the closest thing to goddesses your culture can bear to recognize - divas."[1]"

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