Feb 12, 2014

Q & A: HGA

I am often asked about the Mantra Siddhi or attainment of the HGA. Here are some interesting questions and my answers:

Q: How can I meet my HGA, my Goddess/God? What can I do to speed things up?

A: A Deity can never be forced to work with you. Demons or elemental spirits can be, easily, Deities no. They choose you, you don't choose them. No amount of sadhana or rituals can force a Deity to accept you, bless you and guide you.
It is in Their domain, not in ours.
So, a God, Goddess or an Angel maybe high up in the Angelic hierarchy chooses you. You can not force your way in. No way. Surrender, pray, beg Adonai for mercy and He might bless you with your One and True HGA. There is only one, Ishta Deva, One chosen God/Goddess. And that never ever changes.

That does not mean that you just sit around and wait for the blessings to descend on you. No. Do what you can on your end and let God bless you.
Abramelin operation is one way of achieving HGA. Paths and methods are as diverse and as many as there are individuals.

Q: What Left Hand Path ritual can one perform to achieve HGA?

A: Well, in Tantra, we call attaining Knowledge & Conversation of the HGA attaining mantra or Goddess siddhi. That means constant and conscious awareness of the presence of a Deity (HGA).
Shava puja is one of the fastest attainment of mantra siddhi.

On the less steep side of the practice, mantra yoga is also good way to attain mantra siddhi. Devotion is the key.

Q: How did you come across your HGA?

A: I did not come across my HGA just like that. Attaining the Kali mantra siddhi or Knowledge and Conversation of Holy Guardian Angel (K&C of HGA) as it is called in the West, is a state of consciousness that may take years to complete. It is a transpersonal state of awareness, not a personal one. It demands to ascend to the Briah and Atziluth (es per Kabbalah) realms.

Seeing some light from above from time to time in meditation, having a name of an Angel and occasional contact with Him/Her or knowing the texts about the HGA by heart – this may not indicate what I am speaking about here.

I am speaking about direct, deep and life changing process (not only one event) that unfolds in the whole life of an adept in due time. It is a process that slowly but surely disarms the army of the lower nature (speculation, fear, aversion, craving, anger, dysfunctional mental believes, mental structures, passion, material happiness etc…) and gives way to deeper and more stable awareness of the true Self, shifting whole base of living from personal (that is focused on mental or emotional polarization), up to the transpersonal one - from material or elemental oriented consciousness to non-material / non-elemental one.

Q: I think I met my HGA in a dream. What should I do?

A: HGA is always trying to get in touch with your conscious self, even via dreams. At that stage of your relationship with the HGA it is important to get His/Her name. You can do that via dreams, meditation, contemplation, divination etc... I have heard that some aspirants communicate with their HGA through divination tools. It may take time to stabilize your contact with the HGA. Evoke Him/Her often.