Feb 22, 2014

Mahavatar Babaji

There are various manifestations of the great being, the Sadashiva avatara - manifestation of Krisna, commonly known as Mahavatar Babaji.

  • Sri Sankaracarya, the famous saint, was taught by Him, Ageless yogi - Maha Muni Babaji. 
  • Lahiri Mahasaya, great Kriya Yoga master, referred to Him as Krishna.
  • Sri Sitaram Omkarnathji has seen Him as Sri Krsna. 
  • Mahendra Baba stated Sri Krishna has appeared in the form of Sri Babaji.
  • Mentioned in the Puranas and other scriptures, he is known as Guru Gorakhnath. 
  • The Nath Sampradaya, among many others, revere him as Shiva Goraksha.

Sri Babaji does not give much attention to such classifications, He appears just a mere human being to most people.
But in Truth, to Him whole world and entire mankind is within His heart:
"If you are happy, I am happy. If you have a problem, I have a problem...".

Haidakhan Baba is one of His manifestations; He was teaching publicly from 1970 to 1984, mostly Karma and Mantra yoga.

I bow down to my Gurudev: 

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