Feb 4, 2014


They say that there is only one true and eternal Sprirtual Master for each individual.

It is written that there is no hope for spiritual seekers without mercy of a true and correctly enlightened Spiritual Master. His or Her guidance is of paramount importance.

My Spiritual Master is Sriman Munindra.

He is a caring teacher, attentive friend, perfect shoulder to cry on, completely dedicated individual, sharp and yet loving father and/or mother.

Master of all mankind and teacher of all major teachers on this plane, God's Will personified and humility incarnate,  immortal and forever young friend of all living beings.

He is omnipresent and omniscient, always and forever willing to assist everyone.
In one sentence:
"...in Him we live and move and have our being...", St. Paul. 

Paramhansa Yogananda referred to Him as Babaji Krishna (Krishna is Adi Purusha, according to Vedanta).

Sri Sankaracarya, the famous saint, was taught by Him, Ageless yogi - Maha Muni Babaji.

Lahiri Mahasaya, great Kriya Yoga master, referred to Him as Krishna.

Sri Sitaram Omkarnathji has seen Him as Sri Krsna. Mahendra Baba stated Sri Krishna has appeared in the form of Sri Babaji.

Mentioned in the Puranas and other scriptures, he is known as Guru Gorakhnath. The Nath Sampradaya, among many others, revere him as Shiva Goraksha.

By His mercy, some disciples recognize Him as Sadasiva Avatar.

Om Sri Gurudevaya Babaji namaste!

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